Kappa Phi is committed to the the belief that school comes first. Embry-Riddle is a difficult and challenging school, and while we may be a social fraternity, we understand how important a young man’s GPA is. Logan Hill is the current scholarship chairman for the Kappa Phi chapter. He works directly with the president and chapter advisor to ensure that every brother sticks to their academic plans and is set up to be successful each semester. If a brother begins to struggle with his grades, Hill works on-one-one with them to set up a plan that will help to increase their success. 


"As an organization with literary focused origins, academics are a continued focus of Sigma Chi. This is especially true in the Kappa Phi chapter. Being that Kappa Phi is located on campus at one of the most prestigious aeronautics universities, it is no surprise that the brothers keep academics in high esteem. We all know that we are at this school for a reason, and we intend to make the most of every opportunity, academic or otherwise." - Former Scholarship Chairman, Logan Hill