Letter from the former Vice President

When I first came to Prescott as a Freshman, I was initially apprehensive about joining Greek life. My preconceived notion of the fraternity experience was jaded due to the overwhelming negativity expressed in television shows and movies. As a junior and the vice president of the chapter, I can confidently say that the Greek experience at Embry-Riddle couldn’t be more different than what I was afraid of. Sigma Chi is an entirely non-hazing fraternity with a focus on brotherhood and the deep and personal connections made between members. 

While we are still a social organization, Sigma Chi also provides true friendship and emotional support to the brothers. I have had the opportunity to attend conferences that helped further develop myself as a leader. I’ve been placed in extraordinary networking opportunities, meeting famous and successful brothers across the country in a variety of fields. There is so much more to Greek life than the headlines. I encourage everyone to come to recruitment events and give Greek life a chance.


Pro Consul - Brennan Tickell

Brennan Tickell - Former Vice President

Unmanned Aerial Systems Major


Phone: (774) 327-0886


The Role of the Risk Manager

Our chapter is dedicated to providing a safe environment for college men to enjoy their undergraduate experience and grow into the leaders of men.  Our risk manager is responsible for overseeing the safety and liability of the chapter. But more importantly, he creates a mindset of brothers to hold one another accountable. Without brothers holding each-other accountable for their actions there’s no way they could learn and grow. Sigma Chi is not a group of college-aged men who ‘hang out’ on the weekends. Sigma Chi is a group that challenges brothers to be the best men they can be through accountability.  


Tribune - Stephen Kerpon

Stephen Kerpon - Former Risk Manager

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: (972) 489-8252