Sean Bresnan


Brother Sean Bresnan is currently a CRJ First Officer for SkyWest Airlines based out of Chicago O’hare. He studied Aeronautical science from 2011-2015 and earned all of his ratings at Embry-Riddle. Sean initiated into the Kappa Phi chapter of Sigma Chi in the Spring of 2014 during his junior year. He was a flight instructor for the university from March 2016 to August 2017. 


“Sigma Chi helped me get out of my shell... From the moment I pledged I felt like I instantly gained 30 new best friends that I always knew I could count on at anytime. Even though a lot of brothers I went to school with have moved on to other jobs and cities, I know for a fact that I could meet up with any one of them and it would be like we were never apart. I always said that joining Sigma Chi was the best decision I made in college, and my worst decision was waiting till my junior year to do it.” - Sean Bresnan